Parting I & II



is sweet sorrow so Shakespeare said,
and yet if we sit as we are in this stagnant moment
then I shall smile and believe that
nothing could alter about our likeness
or bend away from the similarities
we have acquired through constant company –
No – I shall not cry when we part
and if my voice quakes, surely then
I’ll feign and profess all is well,
for without you I would not be myself.
Alone sounds far lonelier still
unless I evoke a cathartic point
like a solitary yearning
for the pinnacle meeting of our minds.


is sweet sorrow so Shakespeare said?
my most accomplished line you once told me –
But –
gone are the Starbucks coffee meetings
our last cadence through the souk –
a kitchen table and a cat –
a voice telling me that ‘love is like
dipping chips into the same ketchup pot’ –
unlike you I have never made love
on the spine of a novel – we need not
say or explain – call this another
cathartic point – a climactic yearning
with no final orgasmic cry –
just a moment of absolute clarity.

(Yorkshire, England – June 2007)

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