Survive your period AND save the world

I can’t keep it to myself any longer. I’m going to burst at the seams. Ladies, I have to tell you a secret: on your period, you can survive your monthly visit from Aunt Flo and save the world at the same time. It seems far-fetched I know, but we are both great at multi-tasking and undoubtedly the stronger gender. I mean, our bodies are designed to push a little guy or gal out of our lady parts – hello pain?! We are the sex that is phenomenal when it comes to multi-tasking, so I ask you to multi-task this delicate balance: bleed and be conscious about it. I’m talking about the waste each lady generates per month on account of her seeing red. We can’t stop our periods – they just happen.  So how about we each make a real conscious and aware choice about the products we use while we’re dealing with them.

Angry uterus

The ‘Angry Uterus’ – a menstrual lifesaver!

If you’re still curious then keep reading. I’ve been using a menstrual cup for about two years now and I will never ever go back to disposables. Last year I discovered cloth pads and since then I’ve been using the two methods together and interchangeably. If you’re currently a tampon user then the transition to a menstrual cup isn’t such a great leap. There are loads of brands and styles to choose between – my two favourites are the Yuuki cup and the Juju cup. Cloth pads are rather different to disposables in that you need to wash them and must therefore be prepared to face your menstrual blood. This definitely bothers a number of women that I’ve spoken to recently, and if this is the case for you then I think you should grow up. I could put it more mildly, but I won’t. We bleed down there and you should accept it. Our menstrual blood is not disgusting or smelly as the media and feminine hygiene companies make out: it’s natural. However, I always ask these women who are seemingly disgusted by their own bodies the question of whether they wish to have children. If they do then I simply state that they’re going to see much more than their menstrual blood when the time comes for them to give birth. Know what I’m saying?

The essential menstrual cloth pads

The all-important menstrual cloth pads

If you do opt to use cloth pads, then you’ll need a decent wet bag – this is a toiletry bag lined with PUL used to store your soiled pads until you wash them.  I launder all my cloth pads together at the end of my monthly cycle (and I am currently making a YouTube video on cloth pad care, so stay tuned). I highly recommend a wet bag from either Mama Kloth or County Cloth Creations, and both sellers can be found on Etsy. A menstrual cup, cloth pads and a wet bag are all the essential items for surviving your period and saving the world each month – but what about further comforts? I find myself returning to the same not so guilty pleasures…

Oils... you need them when Aunt Flo comes to visit

Oils… you need them when Aunt Flo comes to visit

  1. Hot Water Bottle – I have permanently cold feet so this is a ‘must have’ item for me at all times, but on my period I also use this against any area of my body that aches. I could not live without one!
  2. Essential oils – Baths regularly get me through my period and I’d be totally lost without my essential oils. A few drops of essential lavender oil in a piping hot bath and I’m in heaven.
  3. Heat Packs / Angry Uterus – This never ceases to make me smile each period. It’s my lavender and herb filled angry uterus. When I’m experiencing a wave of cramping at home, I microwave this bad boy for between 3-5 minutes, I then lay it over my own uterus and my period pains are greatly reduced. It can also be used as a cold pack if you place it in the freezer.
  4. Original Source Vanilla and Sweet Almond Oil skin quench – I adore pampering myself with rich natural smelling body butters when I get out of the bath or shower. It brings a little bit of a spa day to your own bathroom.
  5. Montezuma’s dark chocolate – As a vegan first and foremost, this dark chocolate is my absolute favourite period indulgence. I consume a bar of this each month during my moon-time and I don’t feel the least bit guilty! Apparently a bit of dark chocolate each day is actually good for your body – who knew?!
  6. Yummy teas – I’m a tea drinker at any time of the month, but especially during my visits from Aunt Flo. At the moment, I’m completely in love with Bloom Relaxing Rooibos Vanilla tea and Yogi Tea Sweet Chilli. They’re both unusual, but aromatically divine.
  7. A Creative Distraction – Whether it be sewing, painting, cooking or baking, doing something creative with your hands can be just what the doctor ordered during your moon-time. I totally recommend colouring. Yes you heard me right – colouring – that thing you used to do as a kid in kindergarten. I was bought a great gift for my birthday this year called ‘The Creative Colouring Book For Grown-ups’ and I’ve been happily colouring in detailed designs since then. It’s incredibly therapeutic and I’ve found that I especially enjoy pulling this book out on my period. Why not try it?

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 22.10.55

While my favourite period indulgences may not be yours, you can still survive your period and save the world, sisters! Alternative menstrual products – menstrual cups and cloth pads – not only save you a load of money in the long-run, they’re far better for your body. Do you really need any more convincing? I seriously hope not. Let’s spread the word far and wide about alternative menstrual products, ladies. Now is the time to bleed and be conscious about it.

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