YouTube #8: How to wash your menstrual cloth pads… with cats!!

The world of cloth and beyond is a marvellous place. It’s eco-friendly and full of rainbows, unicorns and gorgeously pretty cotton prints to choose between. Cloth pads make your periods fun. In a way, I look forward to my monthly visit from Aunt Flo these days because I enjoy having something beautiful to use while I’m on the rag.  I mean, cloth pads are a far cry from the bloody rags previously used by women in history. Our lady ancestors were not lucky enough to have such a wonder of choice in cloth pad styles, shapes and makers.  Today this is different: we are positively spoiled for choice!

IMG_4031 Switching to cloth means understanding the necessary means to clean and take care of your reusables. Washing, soaking and stain removal methods are invaluable knowledge to have under your belt.  It’s taken me a little time to develop an effective routine for my cloth pad washing, but it’s incredibly easy and fuss free I promise.

IMG_4029To clean and care for your cloth pads each month, you’ll need a large sized wet-bag, a bucket, some sort of stain remover – I recommend Vanish Oxi-action power, Ruby’s Red Wash and Ecover stain remover – and a washing machine.

Head over to my YouTube channel and watch my step-by-step guide to washing your cloth pads video!


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