JuJu menstrual cup review

Let me tell you a story about JuJu…

It begins in 2009 with two Australian mothers, united by a desire to provide women with feminine hygiene alternatives that don’t come at a cost to the environment or their health, while spreading a greater awareness of alternative menstrual products and the importance of going green while riding the monthly crimson wave.

The company’s core values really struck a chord with mine: the empowerment of women on their periods and the creation of greater personal freedom. The preservation and protection of our planet. Never testing on animals; always ethical business practices. In today’s corrupt, money hungry and planet destroying society, it is such a rarity to find a company that follows a true moral compass and holds values worth being proud of. Well done, JuJu.

And to the present day…

I contacted one of JuJu’s founding mothers, Brenda, who very generously sent me sizes one and two of their menstrual cups – both approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA). Size one has a 20ml capacity, 40mm diameter and measures 46mm from rim to base and 65mm from rim to stem, while size two has a 30ml capacity, a 46mm diameter and measures 50mm from rim to base, and 69mm from rim to stem. There are various determining factors when choosing the right size menstrual cup for you and these include your age, the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, whether you have given birth vaginally, whether you have a heavy or light flow and the length of your vaginal canal.

Gorgeous packaging

The JuJu cup packaging is pretty special. The cup comes in a cube shaped box made from recycled (and recyclable) cardboard. Brilliant! The cups are also made in Australia and are not outsourced for manufacture elsewhere in the world, thus lowering their carbon footprint. Another plus. The box shows a clear white background scattered with just the right number of facts about the cup it contains. The two floral panels are an attractive feature too – not overly girly, but just feminine enough.

JuJu menstrual cup packaging box

You’re in for a real treat – the box opens like a flower unfurling its petals towards the sun, subtly reminding you of your place in nature. Under the JuJu logo, the slogan reads ‘Healthier for you and your planet’, which I especially liked – this reinforces our responsibility to both protect our planet and make more informed decisions while Aunt Flo is visiting. Women can make such a massive impact on the amount of waste ending up in landfill and in our oceans by choosing a menstrual cup, which is a powerful message in itself.

juju box open

I opened the satin pouches and found two perfectly clear, slightly shiny menstrual cups. At first glance, I could see exactly how high quality the silicone was. Compared with other menstrual cups in my collection, I knew that the JuJu was in another league both to touch and to see.

JuJu menstrual cup sizes one and two comparison

The cup has a very bendy and pliable stem to aid removal, which is the very first stem on a menstrual cup that I didn’t have to remove. It didn’t irritate my vulva and felt very comfortable once inserted. The grip rings on the base of the cup are not rings at all, they’re butterflies, symbolising women’s freedom.

JuJu menstrual cup butterfly grip rings

As for insertion, I experienced no problems. I used a number of folds – including the punch-down, the c-fold and the seven-fold – all of which worked well for both sizes. I’d grade this as a soft medium firmness or a hard soft firmness if that makes sense. The firmness is sort of straddling between a harder soft cup and a softer medium one. It was soft enough for me to sleep in and do a Pilates class, but also firm enough for me to feel completely comfortable doing a more dynamic activity, such as spinning, running, or swimming for example.

I used the size one on my light and moderate flow days and the size two on my heavy days. The capacity was spot on: I inserted both cups on the appropriate flow days around 9am and did not need to empty until after 5pm. I experienced no leaking once I’d properly mastered insertion of the cup and felt confident to go about my usual day. I found removal of the cup straightforward enough – I pinched the base and twisted it slightly to one side to break the seal before drawing it downwards and out of my vagina. The butterfly grip rings – as pretty as they are – did not provide a great deal of grip, which I suspect would be difficult for someone brand new to menstrual cups. The very stretchy stem was also slightly troublesome on removal as it did not aid in any way. Again, a beginner would struggle with this. Personally, the lack of more prominent grip rings and the stretchy stem did not hinder my removal of this cup, but I am somewhat of a menstrual cup pro these days.

The JuJu is one of the most expensive menstrual cups on the market – retailing at 29 GBP on feminewear.co.uk – however you really do get what you pay for. It is a real investment and had I known how good quality a cup this is, I would have been prepared to pay this price. While it isn’t ideal for beginners, I cannot recommend it highly enough for more experienced menstrual cup users.


  1. Very high quality silicone.
  2. Soft to medium firmness.
  3. Soft enough to sleep in and firm enough to do sports in.
  4. Capacity – realistic for moderate and heavy flow according to your model choice.
  5. Comes in a beautiful box with a satin pouch – in your choice of three colours.
  6. The stretchy stem is very flexible and does not irritate the vulva as most stems do.
  7. A fantastic cup for more experienced menstrual cup users.


  1. The price – one of the most expensive menstrual cups on the market.
  2. The grip rings are not very pronounced and therefore do not aid cup removal.
  3. The stretchy stem does not aid cup removal.
  4. Not an appropriate cup for complete beginners – more of a cup for the discerning menstrual cup aficionado.


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