YouTube #12: The Essence of Eve menstrual cloth pad review

In darkened corridors on moonlit nights, paddicts gather to whisper about cloth pads by The Essence of Eve, whose organic bamboo velour (OBV) panty-liners border on the famous. Steph, the lady behind The Essence of Eve, hand-dyes her OBV and the results are nothing short of magical.Rainbow hues and baby pastel tones remind us of our favourite sweet shops – rows upon rows of jawbreakers, candy and delicious treats. At least, that’s what springs to my mind every time I open my cloth pad drawer and smile down upon my rainbow set of OBV panty-liners. I am a true paddict after all and admitting that is one step closer to overcoming my problem.

Organic Bamboo Velour Pantyliners – Set of Six – 7″ Mini

The Essence of Eve 7 inch mini organic bamboo velour OBV panty liners

I have to tell you a secret. I actually ordered these liners because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I hoped to receive them and truly despise them so that I could reveal the dirty truth behind The Essence of Eve. But, guess what? I can’t – it would be a downright lie because I too have joined the crazed group of The Essence of Eve fans on Etsy and Facebook. These liners are simply delicious: topped in luxuriously soft OBV and backed in micro fleece, each liner is thin, trim and neat. The core is made from one layer of cotton. They measure 7″ in length and 2” wide when snapped up. The stitching is impeccable and consistent from one liner to the next. I experienced absolutely no bunching and I found them perfect for both menstrual cup backup and as an everyday liner for discharge. They now take pride of place in my cloth panty-liner collection and I recommend that any paddict invest in a set. You won’t be sorry.

Flannel Cloth Pads – Set of 3 Moderate Flow – 9” Petite

The Essence of Eve 9 inch moderate flow petite pads

The flannel cloth pads are equally high quality, but another kettle of fish entirely. Cosy and comforting, topped in durable flannel and backed in micro fleece — each pad is soft and contoured perfectly to your body shape. The core is made from super absorbent cotton fleece. While boasting the same superb and consistently neat stitching as the OBV liners, they measure 9” in length and between 2.25” and 2.5” in width when snapped up (depending on which snap setting you choose). I experienced no leaking or bunching in my underwear with these cloth pads and I used them on my moderate flow days.

I do have one minor criticism of this set of three moderate flow cloth pads: the flannel has already pilled a little. However, I must emphasise that this is simply the nature of flannel as a pad topper fabric and it does not affect the function of the pads in any way. It’s purely an aesthetic consideration and if this will bother you then I advise you not to purchase any flannel cloth pads from any maker.

All in all, I think Steph at The Essence of Eve is a wonderful and incredibly talented cloth pad maker. I recommend any cloth pad lover to invest in something from her Etsy shop. Personally, I much prefer the OBV liners to the flannel cloth pads, but both are well-made and would make a great addition to any stash.



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