YouTube #21: OrganiCup menstrual cup review

Over ten years, a menstruating woman will use 3,600 disposable sanitary pads or tampons. That’s both a lot of money and a great deal of waste. Danish menstrual cup company OrganiCup has got your back though – one OrganiCup, if used correctly, will last for ten years. It sounds like a sweet deal, right? I thought so too, which is why I got in touch with the company directly to see if they were just tooting their own trumpet…

OrganiCup kindly offered to send me a cup in my choice of size. I went for the size A (small), but they do also offer a larger size B. Made from medical grade silicone, the size A has a 20ml capacity, 38mm diameter, measures 47mm from rim to base and 64mm from rim to stem. The cup comes with a cream organic cotton pouch. It’s definitely minimal in style, but the pouch is well constructed from good quality material.

OrganiCup pouch

Earth-friendly packaging

OrganiCup packaging closed box

The OrganiCup packaging – whilst not appearing the most beautiful or decorative – is made from 100% recycled paper, is completely recyclable itself and all the information about the cup can be found on the inside of the box. There is no instruction leaflet therefore minimising unnecessary extra paper waste and packaging… awesome! The cups are made in Denmark and are not outsourced for manufacture elsewhere in the world, which illustrates how the company is considering its carbon footprint, and there’s no animal testing at any stage of the cup’s development and production.

OrganiCup packaging box

The cup has a flexible stem with four grip rings to help both insertion and removal. This is in fact the second menstrual cup I have ever used in which I did not need to remove the stem. It did not rub against me in any uncomfortable way. The grip rings on both the stem and the base of the cup are quite prominent, but they did not irritate my vulva – I was not aware of them once the cup had been properly inserted.

OrganiCup stem and grip rings

In terms of insertion, I was able to experiment with a variety of different folds – including the c-fold, the seven-fold, the origami fold and the punch-down fold – and they all worked perfectly. The silicone of this menstrual cup is a soft firmness (similar to that of the Si-Bell), which would allow a novice to try out a number of folds for insertion. As is the case with softer cups, upon insertion, they require a little more manoeuvring to work into the correct place, however this was easy enough after a few attempts. I just squeezed the base of the cup and twisted to one side to ensure it had opened up fully and then suctioned onto the walls of my vagina. Practice makes perfect! I wore this cup overnight, during a yoga class, a pilates class and during a work-out in the gym – it stayed in place and did exactly what it says on the tin. Due to the soft nature of the silicone this cup did not press on my bladder, which I have previously experienced with firmer cups many times before.

I used the size A on my light to moderate flow days and the capacity was ideal. I inserted the cup at around 9am and did not empty until after 4pm. I experienced no leaking with this cup whatsoever after I had mastered the correct insertion method. I found the removal of this menstrual cup an absolute doddle – it was probably the easiest menstrual cup I’ve ever had to remove. It required little to break the suction of the cup from the walls of my vagina before drawing the cup downwards and out. The grip rings on the base of the cup and the stem were incredibly helpful and would be brilliant for a beginner.

The air pressure holes of the OrganiCup are slightly larger than other menstrual cups I have tried. I loved this feature as it meant than the cup was much easier to clean and rinse after removal. Happy days!

OrganiCup air pressure holes

The OrganiCup is a middle of the range menstrual cup in terms of price. It is neither on the high nor the low end of the scale and retails at 19.50 GBP on The matt medical grade silicone is of high quality and I really enjoyed my experience using this cup. It would be a fantastic cup for both beginners and menstrual cup ninjas alike.


  1. Good quality silicone.
  2. Great for sensitive bladders.
  3. Eco-friendly packaging.
  4. Light to moderate capacity.
  5. Grip rings are just right.
  6. Large air pressure holes; easy-to clean menses off.


  1. Takes a little practice and manoeuvring to ensure the cup is properly in place.
  2. The price is middle of the road, neither one of the cheapest nor most expensive cups out there.


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