YouTube #24: The Vegan Guide to non-dairy SHEESE!

Vegan former-cheese-fiends rejoice, there are soya alternatives aplenty! Here’s a little showcase of the Sheese range of non-dairy, soya-based cheese from the lovely people at Bute Island Foods, based in Scotland in the UK.

There are LOADS OF DIFFERENT VEGAN CHEESES out there, and we hope to showcase others soon, but Bute Island was the first to work with me to show you guys that veganism doesn’t mean depriving yourself of foods you enjoy.

It’s not hard to find, either. Sheese is available online or from TESCO(!!!), repackaged as part of its FREE FROM range. Amazing, right?! Check out the Bute Island website for more details:

Oh and all opinions are my own and I received no financial gain whatsoever for the making of this video, aside from the usual YouTube ad stuff and a box full of lovely vegan cheese 🙂

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