YouTube #28: Beach Bottom Cloth Pad Review

Let’s travel to another land, another place, another world. What can you see? I’ll describe it for you. Bright light blinds my vision, but it’s exactly as I always imagined. Blue as far as the eye can see. Clear, crisp azure blue. The scent of salty air fills my nostrils and we’re in Redondo Beach, California. Home of Beach Bottom cloth pads, a small work-at-home Mum run business. Jaime is the superwoman behind this operation and she does everything from start to finish: from selecting the fabric, drawing the pattern, cutting out the fabric and packaging up orders, it’s all down to Jaime.

A couple of months back, Jaime and I began chatting and she sent me three cloth pads for review: one 7” pantyliner, one 8” light and one 9” moderate. My experience with these three pads was so positive that I bought another three pads from her: one 9” light, one 9” moderate and one 10” heavy.

Beach Bottom pantyliner

7” cotton top, flannel core, micro-fleece back

Beach Bottom 7-inch pantyliner

Beach Bottom pantyliners are 7” in length and approximately 2” in width snapped up. The pink snap on the wing indicates that the absorbency is a pantyliner, but there is only one snap setting option, so you are restricted to a 2” width. It has a cotton top, a flannel core and a micro-fleece back. The shape and trimness of this liner reminds me of the County Cloth Creations shape, which, incidentally, also happens to be one of my very favourite liner makers. I found this liner comfortable and it didn’t move around in my underwear. I used it for both menstrual cup backup and as an everyday liner: it worked well for each use. It isn’t the thinnest of liners, but neither would I describe it as thick; however, as it isn’t super thin, I preferred it for menstrual cup backup.

Beach Bottom 8” and 9” light cloth pads

Cotton top, two layers of flannel in the core, micro-fleece or anti-pill fleece back

Beach Bottom 9-inch light cloth pad

Beach Bottom 8-inch light pad

Jaime sent me this beautiful 8” light pad in the geometric print and I loved it so much, that I ordered another 9” light pad a month or so after.  Both have cotton tops, two layers of flannel in the core, however the 8” is backed in micro-fleece with a snapped up width of 2.5” and the 9” is backed in anti-pill with a snapped up width of 2.5”. The white snap indicate that these are both light absorbency. These pads do exactly what they say on the tin! Ideal for the very first or last day of my cycle.  Both were comfortable and did not move all over the place.  The general construction of each pad is exactly the same, although the different backing materials do affect the trimness.  Anti-pill fleece is thicker; therefore, the 9” anti-pill backed light cloth pad is ever so slightly chunkier.

Beach Bottom 9” moderate cloth pads (old and new style)

Cotton top, three layers of flannel in the core, anti-pill or Windpro fleece back

Beach Bottom 9-inch moderate pad

Beach Bottom 9-inch moderate pad

Jaime sent me her old style 9” moderate, which she has since developed and changed.  The old style has a cotton top, three layers of flannel in the core and is backed in anti-pill fleece. Whist this pad functions perfectly fine: I didn’t experience any leaking, it was comfortable, it didn’t bunch up or move around; the stitching is not the same all the way round the pad and this means that it looks home-made.  There is nothing wrong with this at all, but I was flabbergasted when I received her new 9” moderate.  The shape has evolved dramatically for the better, her stitching has improved in leaps and bounds and she upgraded her backing material to Windpro fleece, which I like to call the ‘Daddy of all fleeces’. Snapped up the width measures 2.5” and the purple coloured snap indicate that these pads are both moderate absorbency. It’s incredible how much Jaime has improved as a cloth pad maker in only the space of a couple of months.

Beach Bottom 10” heavy cloth pad

Cotton top, five layers of flannel in the core, Windpro fleece back

Beach Bottom 10-inch heavy

This 10” heavy pad has quickly become one of my very favourite heavy cloth pads. I’ve used it through the day and overnight.  It works well for both uses, but I preferred using it overnight as the pad moulds perfectly to my body shape and feels super cosy! It is ridiculously comfortable and I didn’t experience any leaking whatsoever – even when I had a serious gushing moment out and about!  The pad has a cotton top, five layers of flannel in the core and a Windpro fleece back.  Snapped up, it measures 2.5” in width and the teal coloured snap indicates that this is a heavy absorbency. I have nothing negative to say about this pad!

Rounding up! I highly recommend that you invest in some cloth pads from Beach Bottom: they are very well made in good quality materials, are available in a range of beautiful prints and colours, wash well, feel great, don’t leak, are comfortable and don’t bunch up in your underwear. The list goes on and on. I’m a big fan! The only question is, what are you waiting for?


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