YouTube #46: “IMAGINE” (cover) // #CrueltyFreeFridays

A New Year is the start of new beginnings and we’d like to kick off 2016 with a very important message to all of our viewers. We’ve chosen this song over others because it’s internationally known for peace, without the barriers of borders or the divisions of religion or nationality.

Fancy a challenge? Take part in VEGANUARY this month, and make the best New Year’s resolution you can. Your body, the environment and the animals will thank you!


1. Watch Forks Over Knives (trailer)

2. Watch Cowspiracy (available on Netflix)

3. Watch Earthlings (full length, HD)


“Famous vegans and vegetarians” – Lynne Thrower on Pinterest

Truth and Consequences: Palm Oil Plantations Push Unique Orangutan Population to Brink of Extinction | Rainforest Action Network

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