My Piece of Wood

Close your eyes. You’re in the middle of a Polish forest, thick with green, leafy, rich-looking trees and you can smell the scent of freshly fallen rain. The undergrowth is dotted with dew and the colours that dance off them look like fairies darting back and forth. There’s a fallen branch in a small clearing up ahead and smaller ones are scattered around it. To most, these are just branches, pieces from the earth, but to Hania, founder and creator of My Piece of Wood, she can see necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


‘Blue Ocean’ stud earrings

Hania collects fallen branches after stormy weather: she does not harm the beauty that surrounds her home, she takes only what nature has gifted her. She lives in harmony among the earth and uses discarded branches to create new beauty in the form of natural jewellery. Her border collie, Asco, is her woodland helper, and together they collect suitable sticks and twigs.


Minimalist wood stud earrings

Wood is Hania’s favourite material to work with and she carefully cleans each stick in turn, before drying it out for a few weeks. After, she slices the sticks with a handsaw and then polishes each circular piece. Next, she must decide what to create. She describes leaving the most unique pieces exactly as they are because she respects the natural beauty of wood. With the remainder, she groups the slices into pairs or even much larger groups. Some are decorated with dried flowers, hand-painted, added to paper prints, and the rest are covered with a clear resin. This all depends on what Hania is intending to create. After covering a piece with clear resin, it takes a few days to dry fully. Then it is ready to drill or add more layers, and so on.


Minimalist wood pendant

While not everything in Hania’s shop is 100% eco-friendly, she can tailor special pieces for clients looking for just this: using only natural materials, such as reclaimed wood, sterling silver, natural oils and dyes. Beetroot juice is a perfect example of a natural dye she uses successfully. Her packaging is also eco-friendly, made from recycled paper, envelopes, wooden boxes, natural linen cords and decorative wooden beads. Hania makes her own recycled cards, which she hand cuts, hand stamps and writes. Even the synthetic sponge, used to secure her jewellery in the wooden boxes, is up-cycled material.


Minimalist wood drop earrings

Hania generously sent me four pieces of her jewellery: one minimalist wood pendant; one minimalist wood drop pair of earrings; one minimalist wood pair of stud earrings; and lastly one pair of blue ocean earrings. While all were an absolute pleasure to wear and test out for review, my favourites were definitely the two pairs of stud earrings. Each piece was fantastically crafted and well finished, and I really noticed the attention to detail on each. The earrings all felt light whilst wearing and I didn’t notice I had them on most of the time! I loved all of the eco-friendly packaging the jewellery arrived in and it was obvious that creating this jewellery is a real labour of love for Hania. Each piece is well considered and completely unique. I would highly recommend My Piece of Wood jewellery to anyone who is a lover of things environmentally friendly and earth centred.

Hania Photo

Hania herself!

These pieces would make a truly special gift for any individual who appreciates natural beauty. With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, Hania’s jewellery may be just the ticket! Check out her Etsy store for a great selection 🙂


Hania Logo

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