YouTube #63: Welcome to REHANA JOMEEN #MM (channel trailer)

Welcome one, welcome all! You have arrived at the right place. For everything menstrual and fertility related, anyway. Periods, natural birth control, reusable menstrual products (cloth pads and cups) – you’ve got it all right here on my #MenstrualMonday channel.

Looking for my #CRUELTYFREEFRIDAY videos? Head on over to my new REHANA SARA channel for all things vegan and cruelty free.


What I Wore This Month… JANUARY 2016

LADY-COMP Q&A + 8-month update

What does my boyfriend think of Lady-Comp & Natural Birth Control?!

SCKOONCUP Menstrual Cup Review

PERIOD VLOG!! // January 2016

Festival No6 2015 VLOG // Vegan RUMPs on the Road

What I eat in a day // Veganuary 2016

Everyday natural make-up routine (100% VEGAN + CRUELTY FREE)

5 life-changing surprises going vegan

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