YouTube #73: What I Wore This Month FEBRUARY 2016 // #MenstrualMonday

Hi guys, I’m back with another WIWTM video – here’s all the pads plus one cup that I wore during my cycle last month.

// Overnight Pads

10” Mama Kloth curvy style heavy cloth pad – cotton top, bamboo and organic cotton fleece core, poly fleece back

9.5” Homestead Emporium Regular Flow Wrap Wing cloth pad – bamboo velour top, bamboo and cotton core, waterproof fleece back

// Heavy Pads

9” Novel Red heavy cloth pad – crushed velvet top in ‘Zeus’, bamboo and cotton core, Windpro fleece back

9” Novel Red ninja absorbency (moderate to heavy) cloth pad – cotton top, heavy bamboo flannel core, Windpro fleece back

// Regular Pads

8” Crimson Cloth Creations regular cloth pad – cotton top, hemp core, micro-fleece back

// Panty-liners

2 x 7” Annybell’s Essentials panty-liner – cotton top, cotton flannel core, micro-fleece back
Shop has now closed down 

2 x 7” Novel Red panty-liner – cotton top / crushed velvet top in ‘Rehana’, bamboo flannel core, micro-fleece back

// Menstrual Cups

Ruby Cup Size 1

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