YouTube: EP8 | The #VEGAN TAG // #30vids

Thanks Alice from First Door on the Left, who was lovely enough to tag me in her recent VEGAN TAG video (go check that out, link in the ‘favourites’ list below). So here it is, 21 vegan-related questions all answered. This isn’t quite the same set of questions as Alice’s – I stole some from Vegan Speak’s tag vid (link also below). Enjoy!



Zahria 269 –
Sustainably Vegan –
Plant Powered Activist –


1. Are you vegan?
2. When did you become vegan?
3. Why did you become vegan?
4. What or who inspired you to become vegan?
5. What was the hardest part about becoming vegan?
6. Is it difficult being vegan?
7. How do you deal with people that are closed minded about your veganism?
8. How do you react to interactions with meat-eaters?
9. Do you support vegetarianism?
10. Favourite vegan documentary?
11. What vegan diet do you follow?
12. Is anyone in your family vegan?
13. Do you know any vegans in real life?
14. Favourite vegan dishes?
15. What is your favourite vegan item?
16. What is your opinion on meat and dairy alternatives?
17. What is your opinion on palm oil?
18. What is your stance on buying cruelty free when their parent company isn’t?
19. Do you feel judged by other vegans from time to time?
20. Do you enjoy being vegan?
21. Favourite vegan YouTubers?


Vegan for the Voiceless top from

Unnatural Vegan: “Sustainable” palm oil isn’t vegan (it’s a marketing gimmick) –


Bonnyrebecca –
Unnatural Vegan –
vegan Speak –
Zahria 269 –
Vegan Geezer (Martin) –
Mic. the Vegan –
Cheap Lazy Vegan –
Bite Size Vegan –
First Door on the Left (Alice) –

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