YouTube: EP18 | Top 5 vegan YouTuber role models // #30vids

VEGANS TO LOOK UP TO: With so many amazing young YouTubers, many of whom are my friends, the task of picking just five as vegan role models for children and teenagers was incredibly difficult. Yet you asked for it, so here it is. I went for a good cross-section of different types of vegan, and generally of an age that will help youngsters relate to them. And while some may seem

(A follow-on from this video: EP16 | Should we have children?! // Vegan chat // #30vids )


1. Bonnyrebecca: “#21 – WHAT I ATE TODAY // FANCY RAW VEGAN FOOD” –

2. applesandamandas: “HOW TO STOP BINGE EATING ON A VEGAN DIET | applesandamandas” –

3. The Vegan Spartan: “Earthlings Experience Vlog, Vegan Fast Food and Handstands – RT300 Episode 7 Part 2” –

4. NinaAndRanda: “Body Shamers & SMALL BOOBS | NinaAndRanda” –

5. Vegan Geezer: “Vegan Christmas Eve/Day | Food & Fun | Day12” –

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