YouTube: EP22 | How to cope with animal cruelty // 7 TIPS // #VeganAdvice

VEGAN ADVICE: Cruelty, horror, everywhere… every ethical vegan has experienced the awful feeling that the world is too awful a place. So when yet another video of some new atrocity committed on animals surfaces, how do we cope? Nothing can ever really prepare us, but with Yulin fast approaching, now’s as good a time as ever for to share my 7 coping strategies.

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YouTube: EP21 | Zero waste make-up remover, cruelty-free!! // #30vids

Bit of a lazy video today, as I’m still not feeling great. But, I did put make-up on especially. Why? So I can take it off for you, of course!! Watch to find out the special, secret ingredient (and no it’s not love, well, not only love). Enjoy!

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YouTube: EP20 | Leather wearing hypocrites?! // #VeganChat // #30vids

Thanks for all the love following my first VEGAN RANT video, all about Harambe the gorilla. Not a rant today, but in a similar style, I take on a tricky topic with little editing and nothing fancy – just yours truly, saying it how it is. Today, are vegans who wear leather hypocrites?!


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