Terms and disclosure


All the content on rehanajomeen.com (including but not limited to photographs, YouTube videos and written word) is copyright Rehana Jomeen. You are not permitted to reproduce any rehanajomeen.com content without my express permission.

If you would like to use any of my articles and/or photographs and/or videos, then please get in touch and ask using the ‘Contact Me’ tab.


I will only blog about things that I personally like and will always divulge my honest, most heartfelt, unbiased opinion. I will only entertain working with brands that I like, respect and trust. This is crucial to me.

I follow the forthcoming rules and trust my heart in all aspects:

  1. I will not accept payment to write a good review – you cannot buy me.
  2. I will always post honest and unbiased reviews for the products I try.
  3. If a post contains an affiliate link then I will always mention it in the text.
  4. I photograph the products myself and always use my own images, unless otherwise credited or attributed.
  5. I will only ever work with brands and products than fit my own personal ethos.

To summarise, I will not accept money on the sly to write an amazing product review – it’s just not how I roll. If I love a product then you’ll sure as hell know about it, and if I don’t then I’ll say just that.

Thanks everyone,